I’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with a lot of great musicians and singers and occasionally a project will bring us together: 
The Duncan Lamont Songbook
A project by London based singer Esther Bennett, Including another singer, I was asked to sing the northern dates of this project singing saxophone legend Duncan Lamont’s own beautiful songs.  Singing with Duncan and Esther has been a highlight of my career for sure.  Two songs I sing from this project will be on Dream Dancer, an album already recorded in the same week as JJWTHF with Producer Jason Miles and Duncan guesting, yet to be released...
Ilkley Jazz Festival
Being artistic director of Ilkley Jazz Festival gives me the opportunity to steer the festival in a creative direction, looking at the challenges of different venues both inside and outside, different ways of listening, different types of jazz gives a unique perspective that filters into my own live performances.
This year is the fifth year and we have commissioned jazz composer Jamil Sheriff to write a suite which I will be performing in, along side running an invitation jam!
For more information about the festival please click here